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mobile iPad, SMS and Mobile Services

Engage potential buyers and investors by giving them the freedom to explore your product offering right at their fingertips. Generate leads and increase communication with your clients through these interactive device applications including txt msg/sms campaigns, digital text ‘n tweet boards, and interactive touch kiosks.
ipad applicationsiPad & Device Applications
Showcase your services, product(s), project, or campaign on a device application that brings the experience right to your fingertips. Let your customers explore for themselves; view product offerings, discover special features or join your mailing list. Applications are great for increasing awareness, presenting your product to potential investors, or to showcase features for your potential buyers. Use as a visual reference on tours or as an information kiosk at tradeshow events or showrooms. Create a custom application or checkout our Real Estate and Product packages.

SMS mobile marketingSMS Marketing & Text-to-screen
Promote immediate customer-brand interaction through our digital txt ‘n tweet board. Display SMS/txt msg’s on a screen or digital billboard in real-time. Gather input, votes, questions, comments and more. Send information directly to your customer's phones; event schedules, notifications, coupons, contest winners etc. Gain more subscribers with voluntary opt-in/opt-out while increasing your consumer data. Options and compatibility are available for SMS/TXT-MSG, Twitter, and Instant Messenger. Great for events and retail spaces.

touchscreen kiosksTouchscreen Kiosks
Offer your consumers the ease-of-use and instant access to information available through an interactive kiosk. Look-up information, schedules, product details, map/store-locators and much more. Ideal for retail spaces, events, real estate presentation centers, showrooms, tradeshows, store-fronts, after-hours or interactive ‘window shopping’.

print Graphic Design

Convey the right message. Promotional design and branding provides a tangible, quality experience for your customers, presenting your brand in a consistent and professional manner. Our team serves up years of experience in brand development, campaign mail-outs, brochures, signage, buyer and membership packages and more.
A good brand is a foundational piece in your marketing strategy. The experience your clients have with your brand contributes to how they feel with each brand encounter. Whether you need to create or redevelop your brand, we offer a variety of branding related services: logo design, brand guidelines, business cards, letterhead and envelope treatments, e-mail templates and more.

printPrint Marketing
Captivate your target-market through brand integration at every point of contact. Be confident that your next campaign has impact. NuXD provides original and creative campaign concepts to communicate your message. Integrate your print campaign with QR codes or SMS marketing for measurable results and consumer data. Offer your client’s a tangible, quality experience through direct mail-outs, info cards, brochures, posters, buyer and membership packages. Contact us today to get started!

signage hoarding wrapSignage
Location and wayfinding signage requires specific design to attract visitors and convey an invitation to learn more. Our services include: store-front branding, site hoarding or mesh-fence signage for construction sites, directional signage, billboards, vinyl, banners, displays, stickers, vehicle signage and car wraps.

custom Custom Interactive

Create an experience your customers will remember. Interactive technology provides a unique and appealing interest for customers in your showroom or retail space. NuXD offers custom technologies to enhance your customer experience creating a personalized brand interaction. Take a look at what we’ve implemented.
interactive real estate building modelInteractive Real Estate Building Models
Engage prospective buyers by immersing them in the architecture and lifestyle of the development. Explore the development through the touchscreen to reveal panoramic images of the area, suite layouts, interior décor and suite views. Show unit availability and suite options through the lighting of individual homes on the physical building model. Integrate the touchscreen with the real estate building model and illuminate the specific unit/suite on the building model when you select that suite number on the touchscreen.

rfid personalized computingPersonal Identification Technology
Offer a personalized brand experience using RFID technology. RFID can be used in membership cards, event invitations or nametags to show directly targeted media content when consumers interact with your digital interface.

DigitalDigital Bulletin & Advertising
Create an immersive and interactive experience that directly engages your audience through customized media that responds to people’s movements and touch. Digital media bulletin or advertising boards allow you to upload content remotely through a web-based interface and collect consumer data based on how users interact with your advertisements.